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How the hell did she win the muscle growth competition?

It’s really strange, but it looks like I just won the ”Oktoberfest” competition, our training race and health project at work. It was about gaining the most muscle mass (%) during October.

How the hell did that happen? You are probably asking. And so am I.

I will try to answer. I kind of enjoy winning, so I started off with a plan to carefully study muscle growth and diet, and go to the gym at least 4 times a week, to boost my muscles. I googled and I red. The first evening. Three visits at the gym and four portions of protein powder later, I gave up. I love competing, and I love winning. But time is my most limited resource, and doing what I love is simply higher prioritized.

What did happen during the competition, was that I got inspired, and foremost reminded of how good physical training makes me feel, and I managed to focus more on it.

I don’t get triggered by numbers and calculating grams, waist centimeters or bicep growth. It is a nice effect, if you can see a difference, which I usually cannot (the more I train, the fatter I look, its true) but it’s not my core goal and what pushes me forward in my training.

My goals: To be strong and healthy and have fun!

I want a overall healthy lifestyle. With a blend of life ingredients that makes the right balance for me, with diet, exercise, professional and personal development, love and social life. For my training, this is what drives me:

1. To be strong, healthy and live a long life (staying strong and healthy through life).

I want to to be mentally and physically strong and healthy. Training helps me in to improve in both.

I feel really good from physical activity and I like to get my pulse up. I actually enjoy it when my legs are almost burning from heavy training (though I don’t feel the same way about shoulders). I also like pushing myself, challenging my limits.

Its not only physically enjoyable but also mentally recharging. For me, training it is where I get my energy refill and mental relaxation after a long day. I am never as creative as 25 minutes into a running or spinning workout. I just wish it was easier to take notes while running.

I am also driven by fear. Since training brings me so much joy, I fear being physically limited one day (reminded by knee problems in the past, sadly forcing me to give up the art of Capoeira). I dont wish to become stiff and weak with back problems, from all the time I spend in front of a computer, so it is important for me to stay flexible.

2. To have fun

Training should be fun! For me, to invest the time into training, it has to bring me joy in itself. Music is one important ingredient. In the dance, it is of course the key thing. I like a blend of explosive and low intensity training. I also like to improve/develop skills and train hard at the same time.

Marital art and dance allows me to compete with myself, and improve body control and awareness, at the same time as it is social, hanging out with friends and meeting people that I otherwise would never have met. Spinning and running is my own time, when I can either get really exhausted, or just have a good thinking. Fresh air is desired for the latter. Climbing is also great since it combines training and social, but my climbing partners tend to get pregnant so its a found and lost project. 

I don’t enjoy gym training so much, but I do it sometimes anyway. Partly for health reasons, but most for trying to keep a good core stability and strength, which is necessary for reaching better results in my dance classes.

My October training:

1. Gym, lifting weights. Three times. Resulted in a horrible pain, in muscles I didn’t even know existed.
2. Dancing, I have been dancing more than ever in october. All together 19 hours. Not leaving so much room for other training.
3. Spinning, mostly ”cykel puls” at sats.
4. Power walking, spending time in the nature.

My tips:

Either the measuring method was faulty, or my philosophy for training actually works. Decide for yourself. Anyway, here are some tips.

1. Varied diet and training I don’t believe in a few weeks diet for a lasting result. I think eating ”healthy enough” and varied food is the key. I think the body feels better with varied training, with a blend of cardio and strength.  Do some sort of exercise at least four times a week. A long walk is enough. It doesn’t need to be harder than that as a start. You will feel the difference and want more.
2. Find what makes you tick – what is your passion? Training should be something you look forward to. Find out what you really enjoy doing. I have tried everything from handball and badminton, to climbing, martial arts and dancing, it takes a while to find how and what suits you the best.
3. Balance in life Ok, no one is perfect. I am still figuring this out.

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How do you gain maximum muscle in minimum time?

Our new training comeptition at work has started. It is about who increases his/her muscle mass the most during 28 days, starting yesterday. 8 AM Monday morning, Therese, our internal (training and personal) coach did the weight-in. (I will add my numbers when I get them)

I am not sure what I can win, but its a contest and I kind of like the idea of winning, so I will go for it. The biggest loss if I loose, is some hours spent in the gym and perhaps some fat. I can live with that. So, here I am for the first time surfing on training blogs. Found this in Swedish, can’t say its very inspiering.

I am wondering what difference there is for muscle growth for men respectively women, considering my chances of winning ;). I have heard, or I have surfed, that muscle growth in the short term (12 weeks) is relatively similar, though the results shows that men has a slightly higher muscle mass, while women increase more in strength. In the long term, of course, men’s muscle growth increase much more than women. What is the case for 4 weeks?

I could really use some general tips, if you have any – please give them to me!

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The red men goes Iron man.

My legs are a bit tired after 15 km of powerwalk and one hour’s explosive dance class. Made me feel some compassion for my colleagues, right now completing the Iron Man in Barcelona, a Triathlon of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km bicycling and 42 km running.

Its Mynewsdesk’s Huey, Dewey and Louie of elite training, Torkel Kristoffers, Peter Ingman and Kristofer Björkman, representing the company, of course branded up to their teeth. Them competing, is actually the result of an internal training competition (which not so many actually wanted to win, considering the prize 😉  They have been training for this for 15 months. Or Peter and Torkel has, Kristofer never trains, according to himself. He just happens to exersices during his approximately 240 km of bicycling every week, with some hockey and football games in between. 😉

The competition has been on for 10 hours and 13 minutes.

This is their status right this moment:

GOOD LUCK guys!  We ara all proud of you! Even though we really think you are insane!

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