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Understanding the unconscious mind for successful marketing #BMANCSC

The psychology in marketing was what one of the factors that made me fall in love with marketing in the first place. It was the  combination of analytical/behavioral aspects and creativity that hooked me. I love it! Last week I attended a B2B marketing conference with BMA Carolinas. Here are some notes from Jeanette McMurtrys inspiring talk about Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI – Using Psychology to Drive Loyalty, Devotion and Evangelism. 

meaningofcolorsJeanette studies human psychology, what drives us, with the goal of understanding how to use the unconscious drivers in behavior and loyalty.

She says that 90% of all thoughts are unconscious, but still marketers aim for the conscious 10% in advertising and other marketing activities.

A study shows that the three top values that we make or decisions upon, differ a lot between the conscious and the unconscious mind.  Conscious values:

1. Helpfulness
2. Choosing own path
3. Meaning in life
Unconscious values
1. Maintaining security
2. Sexual fulfillment
3. Honoring tradition

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A positive, permission based data exchange

I recently heard a talk by Stephen Forbes with the mega long title Director, Enterprise Services Marketing and Strategy, at Microsoft. He spoke about the future of marketing productivity. What I liked in his talk was his transparent approach to personalized marketing, with the key message of bringing real value and being honest.

Companies are perceived to take more data than consumers give, to be used for their benefit. I think many times the attitude is: ”how do we get people to share their email addresses so that we can send them whatever we want, when we want” instead of ”how can we support this person in his/her everyday life and decision making by offering tailored content at the right time?”. Continue Reading →

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Den digitala ankdammen i NC #DSCLT15

Har just anlänt till Charlotte där jag nosat reda på vårens större digitala konferens i North Carolina, Digital Summit #DSCLT15.

Efter två månader utan större professionellt socialt utbyte sedan jag flyttade till USA är jag enormt taggad på att få träffa de lokala digitala nördarna, diskutera marknadsföring och känna på kommunikationsbranschen i North Carolina. Om det kan ge mig en uns av den behållning jag får av mina branschkollegor i Sverige så är jag nöjd.

Det börjar bra med strålande sol och fint hotell som jag hittade av en slump, let´s go mingel!


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