The Behavioral Marketing Manifesto #BMANCSC

20151111_125621Dave Walters, Strategic Marketing Evangelist at Silverpop, had a presentation about The Behavioral Marketing Manifesto at the BMA B2B marketing conference last week.

He shared 50 bullets to consider for the marketer who wants to succeed. I wrote them down as he spoke, so why not share them. Good luck!

1. Almost every sale begins with marketing. Get it right, then scale. A/B testing
2. Marketing is your best chance to frame the buying decision in your favor, start early.
3. Marketing without point if view is time and money wasted.
4. There is a human on the other side of every marketing experience.
5. Understand the difference between science and the art of marketing. Be better at both.
6. A marketers best friend is a well informed sales rep.
7. Expect CRM drama between sales and marketing.  Cure the drama with more and better leads. Qualified leads is the way to the sales persons heart.
8. Sales always complains about logging activity, until they close six more deals each month.
9.  Yes, sales is compensation driven first, but don’t underestimate the roles of team and mission. Incredible important support. Consider what are you telling sales, are they aware of your mission. Sales training – they will get on board when they understand that what you want by the end of the day is more business.
10. Done well, great sales informs better marketing and vice versa.
11. Your customers will solve their business problems – with or without you.
12. Cherish your existing customer base and build your raving fans from Day One. Meet their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do things for you.
13.  Your goal: remain so critical your costumers don’t even accept competitor calls.
14. Build a core competency in customer listening, and do it closest to your most progressive executive.
15. Your customers skill set is a spectrum: some are at zero, some are improving fast, some could teach you. Look at the 10-15 % of super users – can their behavior mean something for your company’s future?
16. Educating prospects is marketing’s most important job. Always and forever.
17. If you don’t positively articulate your value prop, your compeditors will stack the deck against you.
18. Winning content strategy is built on value exchange, you provide insight, they share data and allow you to shape their thinking.
19. Understand the lead source, content preeferences and behaviours of our best prospects and double down.
20.Choose the best three social destination and engage like your business life depends on it. It does. Don’t pay people to buy things. Pay photographers to take great images.
21. Data driven is nice, but conversion driven is better
22. Care more about what your audiences DO that what they SAY.
23. Its marketings job to figure out how to make sense of all that data.
24. All the data in the world won’t gloss over bad customer experience or poor campaign execution.
25. Customer data is like human knowledge – build it from diverse sources over a lifetime
26. One buy now click is better than 100 email opens.
27. Buyer intent is captured in actions, not words. Sales and marketing should understand this reality.
28. Behaviours are a marketers treasure map, defining the path to conversion moments.
29. A great scoring model includes behaviours, demographics, sentiment and complete objectivity.
30. Factoring your customer experiences for behavior transforms marketing efforts into revenue.
31 Hire for potential and be prepared to mentor your staff to greatness
32. Build a team and culture that incents and celebrates new-hire referrals from existing employees.
33. Require your marketers to work directly with sales management on program development and reporting.
34. Hire an expert on your marketing platform of choice, their deep skills enables your success.
35. Develop a strong competence aroung hiring 25 year olds. They are tomorrows directors and VPs in training.
36. Its your job to educate your executives on marketing. Ignore this at your own peril.
37. Your company has a story, discover it and anchor your marketing on its principles. Go back to the dna of your company.
38. No one cares about the constraints you work under. Give 120 % to every customer experience you tackle.
39. Authenticity and trust are the basis of every great customer relationship.
40 Look beyond your industry for winning marketing tactics. Different is better.
41.  Trust but verify in the demo whase, evaluate in end-to-end solutions not slide ware.
42. Outsorce when necessary, but develop policies and processes to drive execution.
43. Use agencies to scale your most successful marketing programs, while challenging them to develop Big Ideas. Innovation.
44. Clearly understand and enforce how your vendors work together to make your marketing better
45. Cheaper isn’t always better. Hire the best thinking your budget can allow and track ROI like a beast.
46. Revenue lift cures almost all ills.
47. If you’re ignoring behaviors today you are missing a huge chunk of income – especially in e-commerce.
48. Every marketing interaction costs money. Being brutally efficient on cost-drivers top-line revenue.
49. Great marketing makes your customers want to give you money. Dont get in the way.
50. Email opens, customer satisfaction and hold time  KPI:s are important. Revenue trumps them all. Understand ROI – to lead the conversation internally.

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