A positive, permission based data exchange

I recently heard a talk by Stephen Forbes with the mega long title Director, Enterprise Services Marketing and Strategy, at Microsoft. He spoke about the future of marketing productivity. What I liked in his talk was his transparent approach to personalized marketing, with the key message of bringing real value and being honest.

Companies are perceived to take more data than consumers give, to be used for their benefit. I think many times the attitude is: ”how do we get people to share their email addresses so that we can send them whatever we want, when we want” instead of ”how can we support this person in his/her everyday life and decision making by offering tailored content at the right time?”.

Barriers to sharing are people being afraid of bombardment, transparency, access and control issues.  Stephens experience from Microsoft, is that the more they told the consumer about what they do with the information – the more they are willing to share data. Here are some of his tips:

Eliminate barriers for sharing

20151111_161115 kopiaEducate customers in what you are doing with the information that you ask for, for reaching a positive, permission based data exchange.  Share what the value of the data will give them. Convert the buyers from below to above the line.
Make data meaningful – reprogram the customers. Focus on the personal benefits and respect boundaries – depending on our industry, determine what type of information we can ask for and what we take without asking.

Focus on personal benefits!  

  • Ashievement (Helps me feel accomplished and makes me look good)
    Data: activity, preferences. Immediate benefit: ex loyalty points. Long term value: supports goals
  • Order. (Help me feel organized/prioritize – free up time)
    Data: Location, purchasing history, preferences. Immediate benefit: In-store navigation, easy check out. Long term value: enhanced recommendations
  • Discovery (Makes me feel connected to the world around me & helps me be spontaneous) Data: photo, social profile. Immediate Benefit: personalization. Long term Value: new ideas based on people like me, personalized suggestions.

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