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Today, I visited SIME Stockholm. As usual, a bombastic arrangement, extravagant and planned in minute detail. No surprises. Great new location, at Circus, really doing justice for the event, with smoother walks to the coffee and talks – meaning more time for networking.

Great speakers, I would have liked to hear a more developed discussion from Kim Cramer, Maks Giordano and Elísabet Grétarsdóttir who I think has some great ideas. I could only spear a few hours but here are some notes and thoughts.

Your brain is the best marketer, according to Kim Cramer, from BR-ND, She was talking about using brain scanning as a tool for developing marketing activities, and understanding how the marketing really works. Our brain is not a logic structure, she says, most of our decisions are actually made in the middle part of the brain, from emotional reasons.

She speaks about “emotive branding”, telling about obvious examples of irrational purchasing , and our decisions being based on our feelings for the brands. We post rationalize our decisions, she continues, adding the logic (or excuse) she calls it “the bla bla bla part of making decisions”. For a marketer this is old news. What is interesting is when she arrives at the potential to apply the latest technology for branding, and new possibilities to analyze reactions and foresee behaviour. Tests that has been made with brain scanning, monitoring he brain activity based on advertising. Applied to a wider sense of marketing, you can be sure to choose a brand name and logo as well as the actual product features with colors and shapes that brings positive feelings. And what we think we are experiencing, might not always be the brain’s experience.

Kim brought up the “emotive appeal”. With a comparison that was made of two humoristic commercials from the same car brand. Both commercials was considered amusing and likable. I myself love odd situations and liked the first one better.

The first clip displays an odd situation with a guy meets his father in law for the first time. Since it is a bit aggressive, our brain doesn’t like it, even if it makes us laugh.

The second clip, is of smiling, happy people – which is much more appreciated by the brain.  The brand owner skipped the first clip and went for the second. Though, people in the audience actually recognized the clip from Swedish television.

I think this subject relates to the project and area that Mattias Östmar is working on. The combination of their ideas and research could be mind blowing. Excluding the advertising part 😉 I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mattias on the SIME scene in the future.

Gamification. Again. But still relevant and especially well done by Elísabet Grétarsdóttir, from Eve Online. She seemed smart. Virtual worlds are totally unknown for me, and actually quite unappealing as far as I know. According to the panel, its engaging foremost because you have the possibility to project yourself in your avatar. Your brain does not distinguish your physical body from the digital persona, and in the 3D environment you immerse yourself with the avatar. Differences between women and men in virtual worlds was discussed. Women, or girls, being more caring for other people and things, while men seek competition and battle. Same same, that is. I guess the online behaviour reflects the society and you need to take into consideration the underlying causes of actions. The example Elísabet mentions is why is it ok for men to hug in a locker room but not in the board room.

The difference between 2.0 and 3.0 was also clarified, where Internet 3.0, means that you are connecting within the Internet, rather than with the help of it, as with 2.0. The amusement is more important than the game in itself, the biggest lesson from the session was “the game industry is trying to gamify itself”. You will have to figure that out yourself.

The social branding session was the one I was actually really hoping for. I must admit had hoped to get some more “new” out of it, ant thought it was a bit fade. Though ,I did get curious of Buddy Media and will check it out, so I guess it was a mission accomplished for Erinn Marzo anyhow. I highly agree with Krister Karjalainen, P&G, that co-creation of brands and really, really, listening to the consumer will be two key factors ahead.

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  1. Mattias Östmar 17/11/2011 at 22:04 #

    Hi Pernilla,

    I agree with you – this is definitely interesting and something there is a lot more to be said about when we collect more data. I myself (probably just because I´m ”arbetsskadad” as we say in Swedish) found it interesting that the two different commercials actually triggers the same values more or less (social impression/status), but from a positive and negative perspective. I believe that´s the wrong value to tickle for buying such a car.

    Thanks for sharing a nugget from the event!

  2. Longno_r 20/03/2012 at 11:51 #

    amaw ka…


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