Should it say ”WARNING Shoking hazard” or ”WARNING anorectic hazard” on the Barbie doll package?

A photo taken in a toy store led to 367 additional shares and tons of angry comments and swearing today. It is a photo taken of a doll with extreamly skinny legs.

There is a sign on the package. Does it say ”WARNING Shoking hazard” or ”WARNING anorectic hazard”? Or what should it say?

Perhaps these dolls should come with a warning text, ”may cause serious eating disorder and faulty view of the female body..”

People seeing the photo on Facebook react and can hardly believe it’s true. Many blames the store for being unethical. Others blame our society, wondering where the world is heading.

The picture reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend last week. Jenny had posted a picture of some old barbie dolls on her wall with the text: ”Two of these are (at least) 25 years old, one is new – guess which one is new!”

The post was followed by wild guesses and assumptions, with lots of engagement from Jenny’s friends. Foremost the makeup but also the face shape made me guess that the middle was new, after changing my vote a few times. 🙂

Today, after I shared the image abowe, Jenny stripped the barbies for us (and added a Daisy to the collection – to the right) Here they are. The pale one is the new, the two on her sides are from the eighties.

Barbie seems to have been on a strict diet the last 20 years. Not only the legs are thinner, also the arms and face. And her neck is longer. Perhaps its a mutation from all the shopping she has done. Perhaps it’s not useful, or even fare, to blame one store or chain in Sweden, but you have to start somewhere. I wonder if Barnens Hus has monitoring for Facebook mentions, and in that case what they will do about this tomorrow.


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4 Responses to Should it say ”WARNING Shoking hazard” or ”WARNING anorectic hazard” on the Barbie doll package?

  1. iPillan 18/10/2011 at 22:15 #

    – Men hon är inte smalare än Barbie. Efter samtal med Aftonbladet meddelar Thomas Westerdahl att dockan tillfälligt ska tas bort från de sex butiker där den fanns. Tillsammans med sina kollegor ska han nu ta beslut om den ska få vara kvar i sortimentet.

  2. Jenny M 19/10/2011 at 18:45 #

    Vilken bra/intressant hemsidan du har! 🙂

    • iPillan 20/10/2011 at 19:02 #

      Tack Jenny, glad att du tycker det och att du tar dig tid att säga det också!

  3. Jenny M 19/10/2011 at 18:54 #

    Såg precis detta på Barnens Hus hemsidan:

    Dockan borttagen!
    Den kritiserade dockan Defa Lucy togs den 17/10 bort ur alla våra butiker och vi vill tacka alla som hjälpt oss att uppmärksamma bristerna med denna produkt. Vi ser nu över våra rutiner för att undvika att något liknande sker igen.
    Återigen, Tack alla ni som hört av er!