Mynewsday highlights – ”An inspirational kick in the ass”

This week I´ve been busy with Mynewsday, encouraging and monitoring the social media dialogue around the event.

Mynewsday, a day of seminars within pr and digital marketing, that Mynewsdesk arranged for clients and stakeholders, has been the main focus in my work for the last couple of weeks. My part being to manage the social media activities around the event, enabling and encouraging dialogue, making content available and monitoring what is said. We decided to keep to two central places for content sharing and interaction – the Event Newsroom, where we publish all the content before, during and after the event, and Twitter. We have also used Facebook, Bambuser, Instagram and Youtube.

My five highlights from Mynewsday and some thoughts about next year:

1. The rich interaction on Twitter.

Two days in a row, we hit the most trending topics on Twitter in Scandinavia for our hashtag #mnday. All thanks to the participants, gladly talking about the event on Twitter, sharing the content from the seminars with their networks. Since the event took place in three different cities, we were discussing the risk a risk to ”let the information out” beforehand. What if the last day would be empty, people having already taken part of the information? But as I hoped, it was quite the opposite. The people who had canceled earlier, were eager to ”uncancel” their bookings, when they saw the buzz and didn’t want to miss out. We also got some new guests, asking to join the party.

We had all together over 3000 tweets with the hashtag #mnday during the three days.

2. Great speakers and and content.

The guest speakers was warmly welcomed and highly appreciated. We chose not to invite any known Swedish speakers, but instead take a chance and invite some new acquaintances from Australia, though stationed i London. Adam Vincenzini and Joanne Jacobs. That was the right choice. Above 17800 views in the newsroom and almost 3000 views of the livestream (numbers updated the 6:th of november) we also broadened our own network of influencers.




3. New contacts – and interest from outside.

I have gotten to know some new interesting people that I will definately keep contact with on Twitter – both personally, from my own account, and from the corporate accounts. We got tons of questions and interest for the event from people picking up our conversation on Twitter and Facebook. The funniest example was when I quoted a colleague about investigative journalism, and the Head of the Swedish investigative journalism conference decided to take part in the discussion.

4. ”An inspirational kick in the ass”

a Mynewsdesk client called the event. I believe that is the nicest complement of them all, not only inspiring people but actually giving them the tools and confidence to make a change. This particular guy had gone right back to the office in the very same afternoon and updated their Mynewsdesk newsroom. Several persons created personal Twitter accounts, and newsrooms for their companies, during or right after attending the seminars.

5. Mynewsdesk People – internal boost

I think these days was a confidence boost for all the people taking part, from all departments. A nice collaboration exercise with a great result. We operate in a highly competitive market and our sales people sometimes feel insecure. As anyone we need confirmation that we are on the right track.

During Mynewsday, many of my colleagues got comments like ”it really shows that you like what you are doing”, ”you are so personal and relaxed, those red pants are hilarious”. One funny thing was the response from a visiting competitor, at that time choosing to jump into the conversation ”oh well, we are a little bit like that too, we also have flip flop Fridays” followed by silence. I am mentioning that because it is such a good example of what we are not. At Mynewsdesk you can be whoever you are and wear whatever you feel good in. And it is not the red pants in itself that gathers the people, it is the community of mutual interests and compassion, the love for what we are doing. The red pants are just a way of expressing ourselves, showing a belonging. About as far from ”flip-flop Friday” you can come, I would say.

Not so great

The only down side for me, was not having the time to speak to people who I would have liked to meet face to face, since I had my nose deep down in the computer all day. My arms are actually still sore from twittering, two days after.

Another thing was some unhappy participants expecting coffee to be included for free, not only served during the morning and afternoon ”fika” as it was, but also after the free lunch and beverages that they were offered ;). I am sorry the expectations was not met on that point, we simply could not afford it in the budget. Next time we will inform better in the program!

Next year!

I hope one Mynewsday will never be the same. I’m not so much for routines and fade copies. This Mynewsday was great. It was great because it was the first of its kind and it was different, for us, with happy participants who now has a better understanding of our company and mission. I am convinced it has enhanced our position as the market leader in Sweden (also giving it for free, since these types of events are usually rather expensive to attend) It was also the most ”plastic” or mainstream marketing activity we have ever done. And that is not how we want to be positioned in the long run. I think next year’s Mynewsday should be something completely different. Something surprising. Perhaps a canoe adventure in the archipelago for mynewsdesk users, with fire camps and story telling.
What do you want the next Mynewsday to be like?  (comment in English or Swedish)

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