Mynewsday second most trending topic on Twitter!

Mynewsday’s third and last day in Sweden, starting in ten minutes. Today we’re broadcast live from Gothenburg.

Today is the last day of a three day seminar tour with Mynewsday, arranged in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. It’s fun to be me this week. Two days in a row, we ended up among the top three trending topics on Twitter in Scandinavia, on the hashtag #mnday. Let’s see how it goes today.. (Unfortunately the wifi is reserved for our live streaming, since the house do not offer cables, but most people with a twitter device has 3G I guess).

We have had a surprisingly strong Twitter participation, compared to last year when I got accompanied of a handful of enthusiasts. Partially, the increase is due to our own communication and information before the event. Several guests has started Twitter accounts solely to engage during Mynewsday. Of course it’s also because social media usage has increased since last year.


You can see the livestream below. As the day goes, I will post the speakers in here.




Today’s news is Johan Höjvall, head of the office in Gothenburg, who takes over the torch from Kristofer Björkman to present the latest Mynewsdesk features.

This is the Mynewsdesk crew on stage after Mynewsday on Rival in Stockholm, wednesday.

Need to get back to work, but I will publish some tips of how to socialize your event later!

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