How do you gain maximum muscle in minimum time?

Our new training comeptition at work has started. It is about who increases his/her muscle mass the most during 28 days, starting yesterday. 8 AM Monday morning, Therese, our internal (training and personal) coach did the weight-in. (I will add my numbers when I get them)

I am not sure what I can win, but its a contest and I kind of like the idea of winning, so I will go for it. The biggest loss if I loose, is some hours spent in the gym and perhaps some fat. I can live with that. So, here I am for the first time surfing on training blogs. Found this in Swedish, can’t say its very inspiering.

I am wondering what difference there is for muscle growth for men respectively women, considering my chances of winning ;). I have heard, or I have surfed, that muscle growth in the short term (12 weeks) is relatively similar, though the results shows that men has a slightly higher muscle mass, while women increase more in strength. In the long term, of course, men’s muscle growth increase much more than women. What is the case for 4 weeks?

I could really use some general tips, if you have any – please give them to me!

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