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Here are my personal choices for connecting in the different social networks:

Linkedin, if we share professional interests or have studied together. I use the service foremost to connect with work related contacts, and to take part in professional discussions/groups. Of course family and friends are also welcome!

Twitter, I mainly follow people who share interesting information and thoughts about PR/communications, and who I think I can learn from. Or who amuses me, or who I just happen to like. If they actually talk to me I like them more.

Facebook, Foremost people with whom I have a personal connection. Family, friends, colleagues, work partners and old study mates. Also some people who I believe share my personal interests – if I know the name and we are both members of a community/network.

Mynewsdesk profile, for mynewsdesk related discussions or feedback.

See you around!


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About Pernilla

Digital PR Strategist with a passion for communications, carnival samba, travelling and outdoor adventures. Aiming to make every day colorful!

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